Carmelites of Mary Immaculate

St Joseph's province, Thiruvananthapuram

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St. Joseph's Monastery
Rev. Fr. Prior
St. Joseph's Monastery
Mannanam P.O.
Kottayam 686 561
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Place: Mannanam
St. Joseph Monastery, Mannanam is the Mother House of the CMI Congregation, foundation stone of which was laid on 11 May 1831. For the story of the foundation, see general information. Here it may specially mentioned that the Mary Immaculate chapel in front of the church to the south identifies the spot where the founding fathers erected a wooden cross. The chapel, as we see today, was constructed in 1905 through the efforts of Fr. Francis Puthuparambil to commemorate the golden jubilee of the profession the first fathers. The artistic gate in front of the church, facing the panoramic scene on the west was built in 1931 to commemorate the centenary of the foundation stone laid on 11 May 1831. The late Fr. Hyacinth Kunnunkal, then prior of Mannanam Monastery was its architect. The fourteen stations of the cross beginning from the St. Joseph Chapel down the hill, and concluding at the gate, reminds us of the way of the cross piously conducted by the first members on Fridays and on other occasions.
The three-storied building on the southern side of the church was the seminary building started by the first fathers in 1833. In 1904 it was assigned to St. Ephrem\'s High School in 1897. Today it is St. Aloysius Boarding House. To the south of this building there is another three storied building with a spacious auditorium constructed in 1990s. This is at present the St Ephrem\'s High School and Junior College, which are now open to both boys and girls. Close to this towards the west there is another two-storied building, enshrining St. Joseph Press started by Blessed Chavara in 1844. The building as we see today was constructed by Fr. Francis Puthuparambil.
At the centre of these structure is the beautiful St. Joseph Monastery church with an octagonal copula and a towering belfry. It was designed and built by the first fathers themselves. Though renovated in the course of years it retains the old structure. The chapel contains the tomb of Saint Chavara and of most of the first fathers. On the main altar is the fine statue of St. Joseph, which Malpan Thomas Porukara got executed by an artist. This elegant and spacious church is the heart of the CMI mother house. Here every day almost continuously people from far and wide can be seen at prayer. Thousands and thousands are being relieved of their pain and consoled and comforted at the tomb of Saint Chavara.
  Luka Chavara Teacher, St Ephrem's
  Antony Bungalowparambil Pastoral Ministry
  Mathews Chakalackal Prior
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