Carmelites of Mary Immaculate

St Joseph's province, Thiruvananthapuram

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C.M.I. Malarnilayam
Phone:0091-4651- 248332, 248109
Rev.Fr. Superior
CMI Malarnilayam
T N – 629 167
E-mail: -
Place: Pilankalai
This mission station was established by Fr. James Joseph. In the course of years it has developed three mission stations around: Little Flower Parish Pilamkalai, and St. Francis Xavier’s Mission Station, Kaisalavilayil (Mekamandapam), Chisthu Raja Mission Station, Parakode.

There is a high school (St. Joseph’s High School, Tamil medium) annexed to the house; There is a L. P. School attached to the Kaisalavilayil (Mekamandapam) mission station. There is also a free boarding house called Malarnilayam Bala Bhavan.

Christhu Raja Mission Station, with the beautiful church and the primary school attached to the church at Parakode, was given over to the diocese of Thakalai, at the request of the Bishop to establish his cathedral church.

Samagra Electronic Centre functions here to help poor girls of the locality
  Thomas Pockavarayathu Superior
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