Carmelites of Mary Immaculate

St Joseph's province, Thiruvananthapuram

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St. Xavier's Carmel House
Rev. Fr. Prefect
St. Xavier's Carmel House,
Sea View Ward,
Alappuzha -688 012
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Place: Alappuzha
Through the good influence of Kunchamma Puthenpurackal of Pulincunnu, Fr. Andrews Poonoly, then Prior of St. Sebastian’s Monastery, Pulincunnu bought in 1942 a bungalow with the annexed land at Alapuzha beach. With the financial help received from Cardinal Tisserant of the Oriental Congregation a two storied building with a beautiful chapel was constructed here in 1943.

It is a health resort for those who like the sea breeze. In 1978-79 the building was utilized as a CMI renewal centre, the fore-runner of the present CSR Pariyaram. For some time it was also used as the headquarters of Jeevadhara Theology Centre run by Fr. Constantine Manalel. Prakasam Publications run by Fr. Hormis Perumalil too had its headquarters here for a period.

Today it is the headquarters of social service centre, Samagravikas sponsored by the province.
  Jose Koolipurackal Prefect
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