Carmelites of Mary Immaculate

St Joseph's province, Thiruvananthapuram

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Nazareth Carmel Monastery
Rev. Fr. Prior
Nazareth Carmel Monastery
Alappuzha – 688 525
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Place: Muhamma
When the congregation was divided into provinces in 1953, Nazareth Carmel House was in the territory of Sacred Heart Province. In 1959, when the boundaries were rearranged it was given to St. Joseph Province.

As the area was often affected by epidemics in order to get relieved from epidemics the Catholics in the area, on the initiative of the St. George forane church of Muhama, organized a procession from the forane church to the area with the statues of St. Joseph and St. George and installed them in the Katiparambil plot near the Ayankavil pond. Soon a chapel was established here, and sometimes also Mass was being celebrated. But there was no resident priest here. This led the people here to think of erecting a monastery in the area. Thus in 1953 Fr. John Berchmans, the then provincial of the Sacred Heart Province accepted the request and entrusted the matter to the Little Flower Monastery, Manapuram. The Congregation for the Oriental Churches gave a donation of Rs. 20.000 to establish the monastery. With the money Fr. Dominic Cheerakathil, the then prior of Manapuram, enlarged the compound by purchasing a few more plots around, totaling about 10 acres of land, and established a modest monastery here.

When the monastery was handed over to St. Joseph Province, the late Fr. Ralf Karipassery was appointed its superior. Fr. Hubert Peediekal became superior in 1963. The church dedicated to Mother Mary Immaculate, and the present monastery building were the result of his hard work and planning.
  Gregory Perumalil Prior
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